Autonomous mobile robots for a 3v3 robot hockey tournament consisting of 30 teams.

Each of the autonomous mobile robots was constructed with laser-cut acrylic and powered by two 600mAh 9V batteries — one for motor power, and one for logic. Each localizes its position similar to how a Wii Remote does from a global reference, and also detects an infrared-emitting puck using phototransistors spread around its bottom. Solenoids were used to shoot the puck.

Programming was done on an AVR microcontroller, and PID controls were used to drive the robots. The overall code was organized as a Finite State Machine. My role involved implementing the electronics and contributing to the driver, localization, and control algorithms.

Video 1, Video 2


MEAM 510 Design of Mechatronic Systems final project

Collaborators: Nicholas LaBarbera, Sean Reidy