GIF Animation-based Wall Lighting


A scalable, modular set of LED light panels for use in immersive lighting, this platform is able to take any image or animated GIF and “play it.” Further, the user can swipe over a gesture sensor to perspective transform GIFs in real time — one of the many possibilities for image transforms in response to sensor data.

The internals are driven by a Raspberryt Pi B+ connected to about 300 RGB LEDs over SPI; code is written in C++ and relies heavily on OpenCV for real-time image processing. Within about a month, I designed and fabricated all panels, soldered and wired up all of them together, and wrote all the software — including implementing my own algorithm to allow modular reconfigurability of panels and making a basic webapp written with Meteor.js to allow for remote control.

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3


ESE 519 Real-time Embedded Systems project